We know Wendy Williams for being one of the most controversial talk show hosts ever. She loves to stir up drama and discuss all the hot topics in the entertainment world. She has been open about her struggles with drug addiction in the past, telling her audience that she's abused cocaine and crack cocaine in the past. A few weeks ago, Wendy told fans that addiction doesn't just go away. It appears as though there was a lot more to that story because, on today's show, Wendy burst into tears and revealed that she's living in a sober house.

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

During a recent taping of the show, Williams made a very personal revelation. She's spending the majority of her day inside of a sober living house. During the emotional reveal, she said that she's living somewhere in the tri-state area, travelling back and forth between work and the sober house. Wendy told the crowd about her previous struggles with cocaine addiction, saying that she never actually sought treatment to stay away from the drug. Now, she's got a 24/7 sober coach and is working hard to finally beat addiction. 

Wendy took an extended leave from her talk show late last year for a shoulder injury. It appears as though she was also dealing with addiction during that time off.