Tami Roman & Evelyn Lozada “Toxic” Beef Over A Megan Thee Stallion IG Post

Evelyn’s ex, the rapper’s reported manager, shared an image supporting Megan’s album “Fever” and things went left.

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Tami Roman & Evelyn Lozada “Toxic” Beef Over A Megan Thee Stallion IG Post

Rihanna may engage in flirty Instagram exchanges with Evelyn Lozada, but not everyone is a fan of the Basketball Wives star. Reality television fans have bore witness to the on-again-off-again friendship between Evelyn and her feisty co-star Tami Roman, and the pair have been on a downturn as of late. The women recently had a tense moment on social media with Evelyn's ex and son's father, former Los Angeles Dodgers player Carl Crawford.

It all began when Crawford shared a photo supporting Megan Thee Stallion's release of her latest effort Feveras he reportedly is the rapper's new manager. Tami commented the "sign of the horns" hand emoji, and while it was all innocent enough, Evelyn didn't take too kindly to the gesture. "You avoided me all season because you didn’t want me to EXPOSE all of your lies, but you have the nerve to be on my sons fathers page," Evelyn wrote on Instagram.

Tami caught wind and replied, "At me next time Evelyn. For clarity I avoided you because you’re toxic. Secondly, I liked something that came up on my explorer page of Meg the Stallion, who I support because she’s from H-Town. Thirst is you lurking on your ex’s page reading comments. He’s definitely moved on so should you… Finally I will support whoever the hell I want Bird brain, it’s called Instagram people put sh*t up for others to engage.”

It didn't end there, as Evelyn attempted to put Tami in her place. "I’m 'toxic' but you got on national tv & fake cried to the world saying I told you I was the one that hit my ex husband to cover your a** for your domestic violence comments. You avoided me because you didn’t want me to expose all of the #FakeNews you put out into the universe for attention. Fake heart attack, kidnapped by aliens, diabetes in your fete, fake pregnancies, etc! You are a fraud! Oh & for the record, my ex sent me your comments lol #ByeNewport."

The hype around the next season of the VH1 show is real.

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