It’s being reported that before his death, Nipsey Hussle was being investigated for possible gang activity. That’s caused quite a shift in the media coverage surrounding his murder case and now, his suspected killer wants to know everything that the rapper was being investigated for. According to The Blast, Eric Holder and his legal team have filed documents to be provided Nipsey Hussle’s criminal history, including some pretty mundane offenses.

Holder, who was once represented by Christopher Darden, is trying to find any possible reason for the judge to side with him as he’s being accused of murder. That’s why he’s looking for copies of any criminal report that exists about Nipsey Hussle. Yesterday, his attorney filed a motion with a number of papers listed that the defense wants access to. The list of information that Holder wants is as follows:

The criminal history of the decedent, along with any and all unredacted and unedited police and arrest reports related to his arrest for any criminal offense or suspected criminal conduct, including any and all traffic citations.

Any and all investigative reports and their results of the decedent as it relates to any criminal investigations before his death.

Any and all information from all sources related to the gang affiliation, gang membership and participation in gang activities by the decedent, all witnesses and the defendant, not limited to F .I. Cards, police reports, photographs and arrest reports.”

While some of that information makes sense to request, we’re not too sure why Holder’s lawyers would want Nipsey Hussle’s history of traffic violations handy. In addition to Nip’s criminal history, Holder wants to see any bodycam or security footage from the shooting.

Nipsey Hussle's Killer Wants Copies Of Rapper's Criminal History: Report
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images