The future for R. Kelly is unclear, but for now, the 52-year-old singer will remain behind bars. He was taken into custody last week and charged with 13 federal counts and there have been reports stating there is an abundance of child pornography videotapes showing Kelly engaging in sexual acts with children. The disgraced singer has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, and once again his girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, are standing by Kelly’s side.

The families of both women are pleading with them to leave Kelly, and following news that Joycelyn and Azriel are facing financial troubles now that Kelly is locked up, Azriel’s father is letting the ladies know that he will support them if they just come home. In a video chat with TMZ, Angelo Clary said, “Right now I’m focused on how do I get her home. They couldn’t get her home because of whatever the legal reasons. They couldn’t touch her. And that’s fine. What I want is my daughter to understand that her family is here. We right here for her.” 

“I want her to know that she don’t need to call around,” Clary continued. “She put out something about needing money. She won’t have to worry about that. Her family will support her all the way, especially me. I want her to know that if it comes down to it, if she needs her own space, that she knows I would provide that for her. I would get a place for her and [Joycelyn] if that’s what it need be until we are able to open up communication and allow them to understand that we not the enemy. The only thing we want them to understand [is that] we love our children. And when they have children one day, they gon’ understand what it took for us to fight this hard just to have a communication.”

“It’s not about who you fell in love with, who lied to you, who you think you in love with, or who he manipulated to believe that everything was love,” Clary said. “I don’t care nothin’ about that. I’m not here to make war with my daughter. I’m that same funny father that you always had.” Clary goes on to say that he’s not in a financial space to pay for the residence at Trump Tower, a home that his daughter shared with Kelly and Savage. However, he promised that he would still put both of the young ladies in a nice place and help them with whatever they needed.