Jamie Foxx recently penned an emotional homage to Chris Brown, whom he praises as a man of honor, for the way Breezy conducted himself with his sister Deondra Dixon. Dixon, who has down syndrome, is clearly a big part of Jamie Foxx’s life; not long ago, the Oscar-winning actor spoke with Dateline about their dynamic, revealing that Deondra helps keep him grounded amidst his whirlwind schedule. “She brings you back down to what life is,” he said, at the time. Now, Foxx is once again sharing an experience with Deondra, one in which Chris Brown came through in a big way. 

Jamie Foxx Pens Heartfelt Thank You To Chris Brown
 Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

“Congratulations @chrisbrownofficial on your number 1 album INDIGO,” he writes, sharing a video of Breezy and Deondra interacting in a studio setting. “You are beyond talented… and I salute uu… and thank u for the beautiful moments you share with my sister @deondradixon. You lift her so high that the tears well up in her heart and mine… thank u #love#music when @chrisbrownofficial says “I love u” and @deondradixon says “I love uu back. [Cloud Nine].” 

From the sound of it, Foxx was deeply touched by the experience he shared with his sister and Chris Brown, and rightfully so. Check out the video and message below, big respect to Chris Brown for this one.