50 Cent has been going at his former G-Unit partner Young Buck for months. Their feud was renewed when Buck publicly spoke about wanting to be released from his contract with G-Unit Records. He said that he was being held back from releasing any new content, which in turn kept extending the length of his contract with the label. 50 Cent did not take too kindly to those remarks and he chose to do things his way, exposing the rapper for having an alleged relationship with a transgender woman. While there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if the rumors are indeed factual, Buck has still spent time trying to dispell the claims. After watching a video filmed by Buck’s alleged lover, Fifty cracked up with laughter when he found out that the two were messing around for over three years.


The New York legend posted a video of two women speaking about Buck’s alleged partner. The clip includes footage of the woman in question, who explains just how serious their bond was. “We still dealt with each other for three years,” she said before revealing that Young Buck would come to her house in Nashville “at least once a week.” She also says that at the time of her sexual encounters with Buck, she had a boyfriend, referring to the rapper as her “slider.” That remark made 50 Cent blow up, hardly keeping his cool and coming through with several comments of his own.

“He was your slider for 3 years,” wrote Fiddy. “Buck Gay as a motherfucker.” In the comments, he proceeded to round off on anybody that may be exhibiting sus behavior, writing, “See this why I don’t like n***as fouling me when we play basketball. Don’t be trying to block my shot all close up on me fool.”