Right now, Young Buck is finding himself in a pretty confusing spot. The rapper has been associated with G-Unit for years but his differences with 50 Cent came to the light a while ago. There is clearly some disdain between the two and Buck may be getting the short end of the stick this time around. Obviously, Fiddy has a lot of pull in the industry. He's accomplished a lot in the music game, transitioning smoothly to film and television. According to Young Buck, Fif may be behind a recent ploy to sabotage his career because all of his music was taken off of iTunes and a cease and desist was sent to his distribution label from G-Unit Records. 

When you sign up for a music career, you better be ready for the shotty politics. According to Buck, 50 Cent is behind all of his music being removed from streaming. He recorded a video for his fans to promote his upcoming "Box of Chocolates," saying: "It's come to my knowledge that a cease a desist was sent out from G-Unit Records to a certain distribution label dealing with my music. I think me and the fans wanna know. Am I an artist still on G-Unit Records? Cause if that's the case, don't you think I need to go ahead and complete whatever's on my contract?"

50 Cent has not responded to the claims yet. However, knowing him, he'll come through with some savagery soon enough.