Back with another joint effort is 03 Greedo who partnered with Kenny Beats to deliver their record, Netflix & Deal. The incarcerated rapper is currently serving a 20-year sentence that he began in 2018, but that doesn’t mean his music endeavors have ceased. Since he started his bid back in May of last year, Greedo has shared his Still Summer in the Projects album and his Travis Barker collaborative record Meet the Drummers, the latter of which dropped this past July.

“He overall knows that I’m his biggest fan,” Kenny Beats reportedly told Complex about working with Greedo. “As much as I can pretend to be his best friend, it started with me being his fan. I have such reverence for what he did and how important he is, and the fact that he let me be a part of it in any way, that I want to make sure that if me and my team have any access to the art that he left, we’re going to do it the most justice we can.” 

Along with their Netflix & Deal release—which boasts features from Freddie Gibbs, Maxo Kream, Vince Staples, KEY!, OhGeesy, and Buddy—the pair also delivered a 16-minute behind-the-scenes documentary about the evolution of the project. You can check that out, along with Netflix & Deal‘s tracklist, below.


1. Traffic
2. Paid in Full
3. Disco Sh*t ft. Freddie Gibbs
4. Maria
5. Blue People ft. Vince Staples
6. Beg Your Pardon ft. Maxo Kream
7. Honey I Shrunk the Kids
8. Brad Pitt
9. Aye Twin ft. KEY!
10. Life
11. Payback ft. OhGeesy
12. Soul Food ft. Buddy
13. Dead Presidents