03 Greedo is making the most of his time behind bars. The 32-year-old rapper has been incarcerated since the summer of 2018, and not wanting to waste away his life as he sits in jail, Greedo has recently received his GED. He shared photos from his graduation day with his Instagram followers and wrote, "Grad pics shout out to my father in law for coming through 👨🏾‍🎓 Thanks wife 💍 A n*gga just gained a lil weight a n*gga eating good that’s why."

Just two months before he was to begin his prison sentence, Greedo shared with Billboard that he wasn't afraid of being locked up. He explained that he grew up homeless and has been in and out of jail multiple times, so he viewed the experience as "free room and board." He also said that instead of focusing on his defeats, he's concentrating on becoming the best rapper of this generation.

"Let’s talk about the things that I do that people praise me for, not my downfalls," Greedo said. "I want to focus on the 30 albums I’m going to drop. I can’t go anywhere, get off any plane, and not get noticed. I’m the biggest thing of this generation. I’m the Culture God. I’m the thing that’s changing the world. That’s what people need to focus on about me."

Greedo was sentenced to 20 years in prison on drug trafficking and firearm possession charges. However, he could be released in as little as five years with good behavior. The rapper has stated that even if he was to serve out his entire bid, he has a 3,000 song rollout in place to keep his career moving. He recently released his DJ Mustard-produced Still Summer in the Projects album featuring YG, Shoreline Mafia, and Trilliano.