“Stan” is considered one of Eminem’s best songs to many people. It’s withstood the test of time and ultimately became a staple pop culture reference. Even though the song was released 19 years ago, the term “Stan” has been used to describe devout fans, although they don’t necessarily have to be as enthusiastic as the fan Em rapped about on The Marshall Mathers LP. People have been using the word liberally over the years, especially since the social media takeover, but now, it’s found its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

“Stan” is officially a term in the dictionary. Merriam-Webster added the word with the other 639 words it added to its dictionary. The word is categorized as both a noun and a verb. The former is defined as “an extremely or excessively enthusiastic and devoted fan” while the verb is described as someone who stans, stanned or is stanning a celebrity figure. 

“From Stan, name of such a fan in the song “Stan” (2000) by the American rap artist Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III),” reads the history and etymology of the term.

In other Em-related news, the rapper recently took to Instagram to celebrate 11-years of sobriety. The rapper shared an image of his sobriety coin with the caption, “11 years — still not afraid” in reference to his single off of Recovery.