Drake Roasted By Carnage For Post Malone Pic: "You & DJ Khaled Got The Same Stylist"

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Drake thinks DJ Carnage should consider falling back.

When your drip gets compared to the likes of DJ Khaled, you can either take it as a compliment or an insult. On one hand, the man has some of the most exclusive sneakers in the game. He rocks tons of unreleased heat and is always the first to get his hands on some dope new collaborations. He has a partnership with Jordan Brand that ensures he can design his own signature styles and stunt with silhouettes that we've never seen before. On the other hand though, much of his closet is made up of tracksuits. The star doesn't dress up or expand his taste often so for somebody like Drake to get compared to Khaled isn't exactly very kind. Carnage hit his buddy below the belt by trolling him with the remark.

We've already reported on Drake and Post Malone's meet-up this weekend, frolicking around the city of Toronto together. The two musical superstars ended up posting an account of their link-up on social media and DJ Carnage, who isn't afraid of roasting the Canadian rapper, came through in the comments. 

"You & @djkhaled got the same stylist," wrote the producer in Drake's inbox. Drizzy didn't let him win though, striking back with his own ammunition. "Bro you are literally wearing a construction vest and a aqua poncho in the last three days fall back," he responded. 

Who has better swag? Drake or DJ Khaled?

Drake Roasted By Carnage For <a href="/profile/postmalone" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Post Malone</a> Pic: "You & DJ Khaled Got The Same Stylist"

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