Mike Posner is having to put his trek across the United Stated on a hold for a few weeks as he recovers from a bad rattlesnake bite. Mike was reportedly making his way across Colorado this past Wednesday and had only 8 more miles to go in his day when he got bit by a baby rattler.

Sources say the snake came out of nowhere on his path and sunk its fangs into his left leg. As a result, Posner was then airlifted to a hospital where he received some anti-venom just in time to sustain the injury. He is currently recovering and doing better.

“That venom is no joke!” Posner said. Mike has since posted a clip of him on IG trying to just walk to the bathroom in his hospital gown. The injury will have hime sidelines for a few weeks, but he says he’s getting back on the road as soon as he’s able to walk fully again.

Check out the clip of Mike recovering in hospital (below). We wish him a speedy recovery.


In other related news, Mike just released a new single with Wiz Khalifa last week called “Prince Akeem,” which you can listen to right here you if haven’t done so already.

Mike Posner