Bun B, who was involved in a shoot out at his own home after a man attempted to steal his car, has now spoken out about a gun tragedy in Texas involving a pregnant woman. CNN reports that Pamela Shantay Turner was at her apartment complex when an officer approached her, having known her and the warrants she possed from previous visits. 

Bun B Calls For Action To Protect "Women At All Costs" After Texas Pregnant Shooting
Aaron Davidson/FilmMagic/Getty

The officer tried to arrest the woman but she broke free which led him to taser her. Once she was on the ground the officer tried to arrest her again, and as their scuffle continued she was telling him that she was pregnant. At one point the woman gained control of the officer’s taser and tried to use it on him. The video posted on CNN shows her reaching for the officer where he fired off five shots, killing her. 

Bun B re-shared the headline to Instagram, detailing how “we must protect our women at all costs.”

“What kind of man feels that threatened by a pregnant woman? Cold world,” he wrote. CNN details how Pamela was not pregnant at the time of her death.