The Trillest One does not play around. As we reported, hip-hop veteran Bun B got into a shootout after an armed burglar attempted to steal his car. Bun B's wife Queenie opened her front door thinking it was a delivery when she was startled by a man in a mask wielding a gun. The thief threatened Queenie before heading to the garage to steal Bun B's Audi. Bun B heard the madness from upstairs, grabbed his gun, and entered the garage himself. A shootout occurred, and Bun was able to hit the thief, who was later identified as Demonte Jackson. Jackson fled and admitted himself to a hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds and arrested. 

According to TMZthere is more to the story. Bun B's lawyer, Charles Adams, told the media site that the rapper and his wife met with the District Attorney this week to discuss the incident. Adams claims that Jackson was not targetting Bun specifically, and that he was hitting the entire neighboorhood looking for loot. The lawyer also says that after the shootout, Bun B pursued Jackson in his vehicle, catching up with and unmasking the thief while holding him at gunpoint. Jackson was able to escape a second-time though, but was forced to go to a hospital for his injuries. Jackson is facing 3 first-degree felonies: 2 counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count of burglary.