A Pregnant Woman Was Shot 5 Times By Missouri Police

Following a suspected armed carjacking, Missouri police shot Leonna Hale five times despite her being unarmed and pregnant.

BYBrianna Lawson
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An unarmed pregnant woman was shot 5 times by Missouri police as she tried to flee her arrest for a suspected armed carjacking - though she showed them that she was unarmed and told them that she was pregnant. 

"They shot her! Oh my God, they shot her!" a woman is heard screaming out in footage that she filmed following the Friday night shooting in Kansas City. "What the f*ck!" she says as she filmed the woman on the ground. "Oh my God, they shot her and they still putting her in handcuffs!"

Missouri police confirmed that Leonna Hale, 26, was shot by officers responding to reports of an armed carjacking at 8 p.m on Friday (May 27). Hale was taken to the hospital for her injuries but was later listed in stable condition. 

The male driver that was with her, fled when cops pulled him over. Hale was shot while trying to flee

The witness that filmed the shooting wrote on Facebook that before turning to run, Hale had "put her hands up and was talking to them to show she didn't have a weapon in her hand!!!!" The witness, Shedanja, told the Kansas City Star that Hale had only refused to get on the ground because she told cops that she was pregnant. 

"She was gonna cooperate, she got scared, she ran down there and they shot her...it ain't right!" she exclaimed in her video at the scene. The witness did say that Hale warned police that there was a gun in the car.  "She did not pull out a weapon on them," Shedanha said to the Star. "She did not even have a stick in her hand."


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