In a shocking announcement, Nicki Minaj has just retired from her music career. Over the course of the last decade, the female rapper has been one of — if not the — most influential forces in music. Not just for women. She has released countless classics and this decision will undoubtedly upset a lot of people. However, she came through with an explanation that many will actually appreciate.

“I’ve decided to retire & have my family,” she said on Twitter a few moments ago. “I know you guys are happy now. To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, ❌ in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me. ✅ Love you for LIFE 😘♥️🦄.”

Nicki Minaj Announces Her Retirement From Music
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Of course, with this news coming from out of nowhere, there’s a chance that she’s trolling her legion of loyal supporters. On the other hand, she has been broadcasting her relationship with Kenneth Petty all over her social media channels, teasing on her radio show that she would like to have children and get married.

If this is the end of Nicki Minaj’s music career, what will you remember her by? Take some time today to go over her most iconic songs because, oh lord, she’s got a ton of them. Thank you for so much incredible music, Nicki. We’ll miss you.