Another relationship bites the dust as Maggie Carrie announced that she and Maino are no longer together. The pair have recently shared the story of their romance for Love & Hip Hop New York viewers—one that began years ago with violence. Back in 2016, Maino and Maggie were only dating for a few weeks when he invited her to a show in New York where he was the opening act for T.I. There was a shooting at the venue and Maggie was struck in the leg. Four others were injured and one man lost his life.

On L&HHNY, Maggie shared her struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and her avoidance of crowded spaces. The couple worked together to help her overcome her fears with VH1 reality television cameras rolling, and people thought that these two could overcome any obstacle. However, Maggie made it clear in an Instagram post that after three years, her relationship with Maino was over. “Don’t tell me nothing about this n*gga,” she wrote. “That’s not my n*gga!”

Maino took to his Instagram Story to give a little bit of insight:

“My self destructive behavior is gonna be the Death of me. Deep down I know I’m better than this. I’m failing at all the areas that really count…I could be a better father, a better friend and I totally failed at my Relationship. I gotta pull it together. I need help…Seriously!!!!”