When 50 Cent and Jamira Haines first went public with their relationship, fans believed that Fif wasn’t actually shacking up with the fitness model and aspiring lawyer. The rapper finally confirmed that he is indeed spending time with Haines, who goes by Cuban Link online, and now he’s fully embracing their relationship. 

While Fif is fully content with publicizing his relationship goals on social media, he’s not about to change up for Jamira. He’s still got his eye on other women, as evidenced by the photo he just shared on his page. The tycoon took to his preferred network to share a photo of a fitness model (not his girl) before reaching out to Cuban Link to help him get in shape for his newest television venture.

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50 Cent Shares Photo Of IG Baddie Before Asking His Girlfriend For Help">
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“Today is the first day of filming my New show FOR LIFE on ABC,” he said, plugging the new show. “I need a better trainer @_cuban_link find me the right fit for this,I only have a few weeks left I’m in the gym 2x a day.” 

If he’s already in the gym twice a day, Fif is doing something right. However, he feels like he still has some work to pull off and could use some extra motivation. Considering his girlfriend is a fitness model, they’ve definitely been hitting the gym as a couple. Maybe soon, he’ll be happier with his progress.