During his career, we've seen 50 Cent shack up with a number of very attractive women. From actresses to models, artists to entertainers, Fif definitely has a type. The 44-year-old tycoon has refused to settle down with one woman in particular, still on the lookout for "the one." This week, he showed off his brand new fling, bringing along Jamira Haines as his personal guest to the Power World Premiere at Madison Square Garden earlier in the week

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Jamira, who goes by Cuban Link online, has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram and she's built a successful business for herself. Linking up with 50 Cent will only help her exposure levels as she is sure to continue gaining attention from all the recent media coverage of their coupledom. Neither Jamira nor Curtis have confirmed that they're exclusively dating but it was alluded to in a recent post on Cuban's socials. "I love how y'all are happy that I'm happy," wrote the model to her thousands of fans. 

Haines has been working as a fitness model for the last few months, studying to become a lawyer. Take a look at some of her photos below and let us know if you think she and Fif make a good match.