According to sources in contact with both TMZ and the singer, the Feds have stepped up their efforts over the ongoing “sex trafficking” investigation. It seems as though new directives from high up in the chain have been put into effect, calling for investigators to contact the parties closest to R. Kelly with an added sense of urgency.

Feds Put The Pressure On R. Kelly With Intensified Look Into "Sex Trafficking"
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The new directives seem to be coming from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, two in total – completely separate from one another. The first order of business comes from the Eastern District of New York, and subsequently the Southern District as well. These two probes are believed to be linked to Joycelyn Savage and the issue of “human sex trafficking” and confinement.

The investigation undertaken by the Northern District of Illinois’ appears to be completely unrelated to the New York-based efforts. Bear in mind, all of these agencies or offices, if you will, trade information amongst themselves, so there is a remote possibility these separate probes into R. Kelly’s illicit activities, could become intertwined. As reported, Homeland Security is involved as well. Agents from their dept. contacted Kelly’s former stylist after they noticed that she was still kept in contact with Halle Calhoun and Vonecia Andrews, two of the singer’s ex-girlfriends to have spoken out against him off the record.