There are currently multiple investigations going on involving R. Kelly, and federal investigators are reportedly trying to prove that the singer coerced his girlfriend and alleged "sex slave" Joycelyn Savage to make false statements to law enforcement. According to TMZJoycelyn's family claims that they have proof that Kelly told Joycelyn to lie if anyone asked her about their relationship and have given the documents to law officials.

TMZ says that they've spoken to a law enforcement source close to the investigation and they're asserting that when the federal investigators who are looking into Kelly's sex trafficking connections visited Atlanta last week and had a meeting with Savage's family, they were given a bulk of digital evidence. Apparently, the family has records that show correspondences between Kelly and those that work for him, specifically a woman named Cheryl Mack. The Savage family accuses Mack of being the go-between who set up a meeting between Kelly and Joycelyn in 2015 when she was 19-years-old.

Sources state that Mack made the arrangements for Joycelyn to catch a flight to Palm Springs to visit Kelly and that was the moment she decided to leave her life behind, move in with the singer, and become his girlfriend...all without telling anyone, including her parents. Joycelyn has lived with Kelly since that time.

The Savages reportedly also have emails and text message records between themselves and Mack, in addition to audio recordings of Kelly telling Joycelyn to lie if asked about their relationship. In one particular audio tape, Kelly reportedly discusses, in detail, how he and Joycelyn were to go about concealing their relationship. In another, TMZ claims that Kelly is heard demanding Joycelyn send him a text message stating that says she was lying, just in case she ever decided to rat him out.

There may even be social media documents and messages that reveal members of Kelly's camp discussing how the singer used his employees to find and bring him young women. When TMZ asked Gerald Griggs, the Savage's attorney, if they had a statement in regards to these recent allegations, he said, "We are not going to continue to address anonymous rumors. From now on we are only going to deal with facts."