Crib In My Closet

2 Chainz taps ASAP Rocky and Rick Ross for “Crib In My Closet”.

BYTrevor Smith
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Jeezy once bragged about his closets with the immortal quip "house stupid dumb big/ my rooms got rooms", but 2 Chainz may have just one-upped him in terms of storage space flexes.

"Crib In My Closet" finds our boy Tity claiming his wardrobe is equivalent to an entire estate in price, in other words-- his rooms got houses.

ASAP Rocky and Rick Ross come along for the ride on this Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia collaboration from Tity's brand new Freebase EP.

While the punchlines on this one will be tough to match, you can check out the rest of the rapper's colorful one-liners on the project here.

Quotable Lyrics:
I got Dolce I ain't even wore yet
Codeine I ain't even po' yet
I could spend millions of dollars
And still won't even be poor yet
Yeah I'm a mothafuckin' poet


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