Yung Bleu Builds Moon Boy University With A Studio, Conference Rooms, Classes

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Yung Bleu
He showed off the construction site and says it will be a space for "producers, my artist, video production team, etc."

It isn't difficult to find interviews, quotes, or social media posts of artists complaining about the way the music industry operates. From bad record deals to publishing rights being taken to aspiring artists not having a safe space to create, there are ongoing issues that people are willing to write think-pieces about but only few are taking the steps to enact change.

Yung Bleu is just one person, but he's announced he is building a space for creatives of all backgrounds who can come and learn the ins and outs of the industry while simultaneously advancing their own careers.

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The award-winning singer didn't offer too much information about exactly what is to come, but he did give a hint in the caption of an Instagram post.

"Moon Boy University otw [moon emoji] This January!" he wrote. "Facility for all my Moon Boy University producers, My artist, video production team etc . Top of the year gone be some amazing sh*t getting done I promise . Studio , conference room . Video/Movie production room im even gonna start inviting young upcoming producers doing classes etc ! I’m so excited about this [fire emojis] @moonboyuniv."

Bleu also shared an image of what his building site looks like now compared to the projected vision of what's to come. His social media followers, as well as his peers, have praised him for making boss moves. 

Congrats to Bleu on the new venture! Check it out below.

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