If you’re fortunate enough to snag a Kenny beat in this economy, you better make sure that song’s hitting from the jump. Cousin Stizz wastes no time, giving us one of the infectious choruses that he’s known for right after the “Whoa, Kenny!” tag. The Boston rapper – who dropped his second album through RCA Records today, Trying To Find My Next Thrill – makes sure the chorus sticks with you by repeating it twice every time it comes around. It’ll have you and the homies singing along on first listen. The track is explicitly intended to not be a solo-listen, as the hook emphasizes that this is a celebration for the whole crew:

“We gon’ pull up, ball on ’em
Day-dreaming in the cut
My friend, my bros, all of them”

Stizzy is joined on “Anonymous” by another one of the most exciting voices in rap today, Smino. Smino flexes his vocal versatility, switching up flows frequently and seamlessly. The Zero Fatigue artist has been teasing music with Kenny Beats for months and hearing how at home he sounds on this song’s production makes us even more anxious to hear what they have in store. 

Quotable Lyrics

Cured the appetite with a sack of rice
Treat the Backwoods like a pacifier
My bitches be keeping that pussy fye
I’m the captain, she say aye-aye

– Smino