The tension between Blueface and his family unraveled for the world to see after videos circulated on social media showing the rapper physically kicking his sister, Kali, down the stairs. The argument between Blueface, his mother, and his sister reportedly took place because of the rappers two former girlfriends. Following the screaming match with his family members that resulted in him kicking them out on the street, Blueface shared that his sister was angry that he wouldn’t provide a car for her and that Kali was free-loading at his home.

While the social media hype around their family issues has dissipated, Kali kicked up the dust once again when she announced that she planned on releasing a diss track against her brother. She dropped “Disrespectful (Blueface Diss) on Friday evening under the rap name “KALiWAE,” and on the track, she airs out her grievances toward her sibling. She says that although he promised not to change once he became famous, he did the opposite. KALiWAE does say that if Blueface decides to respond on wax, she’s not interested in a back-and-forth with him and states this will be her only diss track.

Quotable Lyrics

Those b*tches only want you ’cause you Blueface
You switched on mommy n*gga I call you two-faced
If you wasn’t fam I’d be squeezing n*gga, toothpaste
Ay, this n*gga trippin’, tie his shoelace