Last weekend, the Blueface family was involved in a full-out brawl in front of his home. His girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, ended up tussling with his mother, Karlissa Saffold, as well as his sister, Kali Miller. Video footage of the fight was shared on social media and remained a trending topic for a while.

Blueface's Sister Reveals Her Husband Left Her Following Brawl & Shares Apology Messages From Chrisean Rock
Hollywood To You/Star Max/Getty Images

Of course, when things like this occur, everyone has a different story to tell. For Blue’s family, their claim was that their loving son and brother has turned into, “the living devil.” However, Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, felt that his relatives were a bunch of delusional liars who blamed him for the attack. Rock, on the other hand, stated that his mother and sister had been bullying her for years– hence, they got what they deserved.

Since the physical altercation took place, things between the family seemed to have cooled down. That was until yesterday (June 5), when Kali took to social media to let everyone know that her husband had left amid the huge fight. She posted the update on Twitter and followed it up by saying, “Pray for me [heartbroken emoji].”

When the event occurred, Kali revealed that her partner was also ambushed. She alleged that he was jumped by gang members, and video footage showed her coddling him after he got knocked out cold. Kali also posted on her IG story about the situation, saying, “It’s F everyone no cap. I did what I did for my mom.”

Aside from talking about her relationship, she also posted text message exchanges between her and Rock. In the thread, Rock apologizes for fighting her mother, saying, “I forgive u n I apologize for the sh*t u going through my heart is pure n genuine.”

Nonetheless, Kali wasn’t here for her apology– she didn’t forgive her at all. In fact, she said she’s going to want to fight her every chance she gets.