Denzel Curry Drops Surprise Tate Kobang Assisted Single "Shawshank" In Time For Madden 20

Denzel Curry & Tate Kobang release a single slated to appear on "Madden 20."


Denzel Curry's latest ZUU album was only just released at the of May (for which you can read our extensive interview with him about), and it's safe to say, Curry put his all into the 12 track project. With a scarce list of features like Rick Ross, Kiddo Marv, and PlayThatBoiZay, the Florida rapper showcased his ability to perfectly craft a cohesive tracklist of bangers almost singlehandedly. It seems, however, as he wasn't done just yet, as today his new single "Shawshank" has been released, and this time he's employed the help of Baltimore rapper, Tate Kobang. The single's release is a bit curious though, as there has been no prior promotion on any social media platforms from either artist.

Produced by FNZ, the song demonstrates the pair's insane lyrics mastery as they deliver fire flows over a hard-hitting beat. Each of them tackles a verse (but it's really Curry who steals the show, despite Kobang's beyond commendable effort on his side), with Curry taking on the catchy chorus himself. With clever references and plays on words like "got more bars than Shawshank," Curry once again delivers in terms of wit, but the beat also proves he didn't slack in finding something that would get you tapping your foot along, as you allow yourself to focus on the lyricism, whilst also vibing with the track as a whole as you listen. The song's timely release coincides with Madden 20's release for EA Access Players today (with a full release set at the start on next month, on the second), as it will appear as part of the game's playlist.

Quotable Lyrics:

I can power up and level up at any moment
Spitting like a semi, only get me semicolon
Couple zero's like I'm sellin' yo' net
Cause every flow is unmatched and I better get set, inhale
Finish 'em, finish 'em
Mess around with me and I diminish 'em all
Even if I ever did minimum all
Even in Arizona, better killin' them all


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