Every week, we bring one of your favourite musical acts to the bodega to pick up some snacks. Snack Review is our newest series and in the past, we’ve had Doja Cat, YFN Lucci, and others on board for the ride. The premise is simple; artists swing by the office, we head down to the corner store and pick up anything they’re feeling. Then, we head back and test out each product, seeing what they fuck with the most. Toronto group 88GLAM came through for our new episode, going crazy over a few New York staples and introducing us to their top Canadian snacks.

88GLAM Drool Over Ketchup Chips & <a href="/profile/detail" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Detail</a> Disgusting Seafood Experience On "Snack Review"

If you’ve never been to New York, you’ve got to pick up a chopped cheese sandwich the next time you swing by the city. It’s a must. 88GLAM know the deal, starting off today’s video by bragging about just how good it really is. 88 Camino told us about his love for chopped cheese, explaining that when he drinks, his stomach becomes a bottomless pit. Derek Wise even compares the sandwich to a couple of Canadian classics like poutine and ketchup chips. 

Once they grew tired of their chopped cheese conversation, the real taste test began with plantain chips, mango Snapple, a bowl of pineapple, Haribo gummies and more. As for their worst food experience, it took them a while to actually agree on something but Camino and Wise remembered the one time in Washington when they stopped by a seafood joint. “We were eating at this fucking seafood steakhouse,” said Camino. “I literally looked across the table like, ‘I’m gonna throw up right now.'” There are a few places known for their seafood… Washington is not one of them.

88GLAM Drool Over Ketchup Chips & Detail Disgusting Seafood Experience On "Snack Review"