Logic Welcomes Silas To BobbyBoy Records With “Def 2 Ego” Debut Single

Silas will be hard-pressed to forget the momentous release of “Def 2 Ego” under Logic’s BobbyBoy Records.

BYDevin Ch
Logic Welcomes Silas To BobbyBoy Records With “Def 2 Ego” Debut Singleblur mask

Born in the unlikeliest of places for conventional Hip-Hop to germinate, Silas upbringing in Gaithersburg, Maryland afforded him the kind of isolation that allowed him to develop his own singularity, free of interference. The 21-year old emcee began showing signs that he was destined for a lifetime odyssey in music by the ripe age of 12. By then, a young Silas started learning his way around a mixer by way of the popular video Rock Band.

In 2015, Silas issued his first official mixtape titled The Genesis by which the followers would soon congregate like birds at a window sill. The independent effort elicited a response from fellow DMV native Logic, who quickly snapped him up to a contract under his BobbyBoy Records banner. Logic waited until Wednesday to make the signing official, in a tributary post via Instagram; see below. Tell us what you think of Silas' distinct boom bap feel, in the comment section below the write-up.


Quotable Lyrics:

I'm 21 and I done seen some shit that's lethal
My homie in the pen for some shit he did was evil
I'm writing with a pen for some shit I did thats evil
Do angels really fly? Bitch I shoot 'em out the sky
Riding around GBerg dog I'm feeling like a villain
And my momma ain't got money so I just feel like killing.

- Silas

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