Valee is an enigma. He has that to think for his unending appeal as rap’s resident weirdo/weird flexer. Look no further than “Pepsi” off Runnin’ Rich, the surprise he dropped several days with the help of G Herbo, Vic Mensa and King Louie. Fittingly enough, Valee only reaches his zenith when the coast is clear of subordinate characters. The EPs third song in sequence, innocuously titled “Pepsi” is where the Chicago rapper finally spells it out: he’s going to deviate from the norm, and you’ll just have to sit through it.

Consider the boastful claims in the song’s first verse. Valee that he’s spent two thousand dollars on salad ingredients, pre-assembled with vinaigrette, you would think at that hefty sum. “Pepsi” isn’t the first instance in which Valee bragged about lettuce without it constituting a reference to actual money. If you’ll recall, Valee gushes over a Caesar salad with “weed in it” on “Miami,” a song he would later remix with Pusha-T in the sidewinder. While all this weird flexing is sure to estrange the basics of the bunch, “Pepsi” and the rest of Runnin’ Rich go a long way in cementing his cult appeal. His us with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

Count the money up, I got no callous 
I done spent two Gs on salads
I’m usin’ my phone below average
Bitch, I die less like the Mavericks 
My bitch poppin’ like you open up a Pepsi.

– Valee