Roc Nation is really pushing Nicole Bus’ single, “You” these days. Although the Roc Nation singer is only beginning to get her foot through the door, her new single has been making waves. In the past few months, she’s unleashed two remixes to “You” — one with Rick Ross, another with Ghostface Killah. Now, Casanova’s returned with his own remix of the track.

Ghostface and Rick Ross added their flavor to Nicole Bus’ “You” and now, Nicole Bus’ fellow labelmate on Roc Nation, Casanova, dropped off his own version of the track. “You,” which includes a notable sample from Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M,” finds Casanova delivering some raunchy bars while floating over the instrumental.

The singer’s breakthrough single recently topped Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs charts, marking the fastest rising single for a debut song.

Quotable Lyrics
The grass greener, I won’t leave her
You go girl, I’m Martin, you Gina
I beat it up, no Ike, no Tina
Turner, I hit them spots and then I turn her
Out, you already know what I’m about
Grab her ass and put my tongue all in her mouth