Kim Kardashian’s received some major blessings in recent times. On Christmas, her hubby Kanye West copped her a $14M mansion in Miami. Shortly after it was revealed the couple were expecting their fourth child together via a surrogate. Now, it seems like she’s celebrating all the good news with a purchase of some new jewelry for her teeth.

Kim Kardashian Cops Herself A Set Of Iced Out Grillz
Jenny Anderson/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to flex her “new grillz.” The socialite and entrepreneur copped a set of bottom grillz covered in diamonds with a small diamond encrusted cross for between two front teeth. Kim Kardashian went to Dolly Cohen for the jewelry. Cohen’s clientele includes other high-profile celebrities aside from Kim. The caps Jay-Z wore in the  “APESHIT” video was created by Cohen. He’s also done work for Pusha T, Pharrell, Madonna, Rihanna, and many others.

Aside from her recent purchase, Kim’s been working towards prison reform. A few days ago, it was revealed that she’s been receiving 1000s of letters from prisoners across the United States. Many of them are hoping that she could help them find granted clemency as she did for Alice Marie Johnson and Matthew Charles — two inmates she believed received harsh sentenced. Kim Kardashian was also rallying for the freedom of Cyntoia Brown, a woman who received a life sentence at 16-years-old after being accused of murdering a man that was trafficking her.