Injury Reserve arrived on the scene with high expectations I initially felt they would never measure up to. In reality, Ritchie With a T and Stepa J. Groggs were only guilty of broaching a subject I personally never took a liking to: the current Zeitgeist and consumer culture. After re-listening to efforts like “Campfire” and the Rico Nasty-assisted “Jailbreak,” I began to understand the faith bestowed upon them by Aminé in particular.

It doesn’t hurt that Injury Reserve are batting 1.00 when it comes to the juxtaposition created by their flashy visuals. On their latest single “Koruna & Lime,” Ritchie, Stepa and their in-house producer Parker Corey re-position themselves as interdisciplinary artists. The premise for the video is simple yet effective. The performers take turns being carted around on a pully while they deliver their vocal parts.

The drop of “Koruna & Lime” coincides with another major revelation, the group made yesterday on their joint Twitter account. Injury Reserve’s debut LP will see light as of May 17th. The Loma Vista release is the first full-body project from the group since they debuted their Drive it Like it’s Stolen EP in 2017. Keep it locked for more.


Quotable Lyrics:

If you didn’t help me get it, don’t be speakin’ on mine
No, for real, don’t say shit, like you speakin’ in mime
I’m just speakin’ my mind, take it a day at a time
Yeah, I’m from the 510, n—a, nickle and dime
Yeah, I know a few dudes gettin’ paid off of crime

–  Stepa J. Groggs