50 Cent is the master of keeping old beefs alive, so it’s no surprise that he was all over Jay-Z and Nas releasing their new albums around the same time.

Hip-hop historians will tell you all about the classic rap beef between Jay and Nas, before beef amounted to calling each other names on Instagram. 50 seems to think that Jay never truly let that beef go, and decided to sabotage Nas’ album sales for Nasir by dropping his collaboration album with Beyoncé, Everything Is Love, the next day.

“That was fucked up what they did to Nas,” 50 tells DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. “That’s fucked up. I know what you did to Nas, Jay.”

While Whoo Kid giggles at 50’s proclamation, 50 explains himself further. “They came out on the same weekend,” he continued. “This nigga still slapping him without anybody noticing what’s going on.” The whole time, he moves his bottles of his new champagne carefully, like chess pieces on a board.

It’s true that Everything Is Love did steal much of the thunder from Nasir‘s release, but that’s no guarantee that it was planned that way. Nasir still debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard chart, and neither of those albums would have been able to best XXXTentacion’s chart resurgence following his death.

Nas has already expressed previously that he had no issues with Jay and Beyoncé dropping their albums on the same day as him, so 50 is basically working off his own theories here. Check out the full clip of 50 and DJ Whoo Kid down below.

Update: The article previously claimed that Everything Is Love and Nasir were released on the same day. The story has been updated to correct this mistake.