Nas' latest project Nasir, dropped last Friday. The Kanye West-produced album had a whole month long rollout, including a listening party in Queens, New York. The official release was actually a few hours late and became a source of humor for Chris Rock. In contrast, Jay Z and Beyoncé's album Everything Is Love had the surprise-release treatment. Apparently, the collaboration was completed only hours before the drop. The timing of the couple's drop has some people wondering if Jay Z and Nas are digging up an old rivalry. Sources close to Nas affirm that he bears no ill thoughts about Everything Is Love's being released so close to Nasir. It is said that he doesn't believe their album will take away from his work's shine. His project already hit one of the top spots on Apple Music

The two had been sparring from the late 90's to the early 2000's until Nas' "Ether" hit the public's ear. That was the end of the battle in popular opinion. Some like Schoolboy Q, would disagree, though. In 2017, Camron identified this rough patch in their relationship as his favorite rap beef. Fortunately, the two rappers buried the hatchet in 2005 and have been linked as friends ever since.  

It could be argued that Jay-Z won the overall battle. He's been consistently relevant in the game and expanded into business gracefully. His latest venture involves being named President of Basketball Operation at Puma. He also happens to be married to the baddest chick. Nas, on the other hand, is dealing with the public's knowledge of his difficult relationship with his ex Kelis, which involved issues of domestic abuse