Yesterday, some shocking news caused the hip-hop community to lose their minds as Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested on racketeering charges. He currently faces a maximum sentence of life in prison, which would certainly mean the end of his music career as we know it. Many have shown support to the 22-year-old as things have gotten as bad as ever in his legal troubles. Federal charges are no joke. He’s almost guaranteed to serve time – the length of his sentence is yet to be determined but it’s being reported that he was denied bail a few hours ago. One of his contemporaries that is wishing him well is Lil Pump, who had his fans chant “Free 6ix9ine” at a recent concert.

Pump has been spending time in the United Kingdom on some European tour dates. When his concert was teargassed a few days ago, he made headlines by moving the show outdoors and performing on top of his tour bus. Now, he’s supporting one of his peers by getting fans to chant for his freedom. As you certainly know by now, 6ix9ine is facing some serious charges and could be locked up for life. With an album out later this week, many are hoping he can wiggle his way out of yet another bad situation.

The “Gucci Gang” artist emphatically threw his mic up in the air after egging on the audience, leaving concertgoers with Tekashi’s “GUMMO” as he let out a final ‘ESSKEETIT.”