Diddy just released a list of influencers he labeled the “Black 100.” The Bad Boy mogul wasn’t clear on the criteria for the list. Some of the entrants aren’t even Black like CNN host Anderson Cooper, Post Malone, Ali Wong, and Mark Wahlberg to name a few. A sentence or two of explication would have gone a long way to flesh out the idea behind the list, and yet..

This looks to be Diddy’s post-racial view of (black) excellence in America, or at very least an enshrinement of Black Culture and its allies. Either way, the is comprised of people Diddy at the very least respects. Everybody on the list is relevant in terms of their relative “Soft Power.” They all seem to be creative types, with the exception of a few entrepreneurs and “art” patrons hiding in the pasture.

Diddy’s list is fairly America-centric, but a few outsiders are promulgated too: N’Golo Kante a footballer playing for Chelsea in London, and Maluma, a reggaeton star based out of Colombia.

And not to be undone by the media circus of late, but Machine Gun Kelly’s inclusion is not only ill-fitting for all the obvious reasons, but it also screams nepotism in relation to his contract with Diddy and Bad Boy.

Diddy’s list seems to function as an accurate representation of what’s popping right now in the USA.