Chloe x Halle kicked off Sunday night’s Super Bowl singing their hearts out to the American national anthem and if their family and friends were fans enough, their role model and inspiration Beyonce was cheering them on at home. Beyonce, whose Instagram feed is only filled with her muses and inspirations, added a clip of Chloe x Halle to her feed writing: “I’m so proud of Chloe and Halle.”

Watch their performance below.

We were lucky enough to have chatted with Chloe and Halle last year in April when the sisters finished up their first performance at Coachella and had the chance to open for Beyonce’s formation tour. 

“My sister and I, we were just so grateful that we were able to open up for her for Formation Tour [..] Being able to see [Beyonce] every single night give her thousand percent, that was really inspiring to us,” Chloe told us. “No matter where we are, no matter if the crowd is ten people, a thousand people or seventy-five thousand, we give it our all from our tippy toes to the top of our heads.”

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