Lil Wayne’s Carter V didn’t drop at midnight and the Twitterverse went berserk, even our userbase won’t let go of the incessant narrative (I don’t blame ’em). A few hip hop websites sent a mock cover into circulation, then celeb gossip specialist Perez Hilton circulated the same cover piece, the same Perez Hilton who prematurely announced that Carter V would be Weezy’s last before retirement, this back in 2014. Who’s to say his prediction won’t stand the test of time. At this rate,

It goes without saying that a big part of the buzz is based around the repressed status of the album, stemming from Weezy’s bust-up with Cash Money founder Bryan “Birdman” Williams, which saw the album sent to a waiting shed next to Tyga’s unpublished work. Not to mention, Carter V is part of a historically important series of albums, excluding Carter IV which fell short of expectations. This is how the Internet reacted to the misfire.

These users pointed to the eternal waiting game Lil Wayne’s fans have been forced to endure, well before this banner year. Looking back, Lil Wayne normally gives his fans a standing “eight count” before he releases any project materials

Amidst the calamity, Young Money passed by with a troll-like promo, while everyone was losing their sh*t (I might add!).

Thanks to “John Rich” we now have a precise timeline of the Carter V drought.

Don’t get gassed over nothing.