In a bizarre turn of events, a Davis, California teen is being investigated for a peculiar offense. The teen is said to have baked cookies containing the ashes of her deceased grandfather’s ashes. In addition to baking the goods, along with the help of a friend, the aforementioned teen went a step further and distributed the cremation cookies to peers at her high school, Da Vinci Charter Academy. 

A local police lieutenant by the name of Paul Doroshov revealed to BuzzFeed News that the incident took place earlier this month. Without revealing the identity of the baker, Doroshov explained that the cookies were baked at the teen’s home and later shared with her classmates – nine of whom confirmed eating the cookies. The baker and her friend allegedly told a few of their peers of the alarming contents of the cookies but omitted the truth from many. It is said that some students chose to eat the cookies, in spite of being informed that they contained the ashes of the baker’s grandfather. 

Doroshov confirmed that the allegations have proven credible, and informs BuzzFeed News that the police department has questioned the parents of the baker, along with students and teachers at Da Vinci Charter Academy. Charges against the teen have not been filed, and the police have been unable to test the cookies for remains, but Doroshov maintains that the police is working with the school to provide the community with a resolution.