Faith Evans is typically candid when she gives interviews and she was no different when she met with Acton Entertainment to dish about the new chapter in her life. The interaction dealt mainly with the buzz around the celeb: her marriage and collaboration with Stevie J.

The diva seemed joyful when responding to the questions. Her energy was hype throughout as she gave her answers in a boisterous manner. When she was asked about the timing of her single’s rollout coinciding with the news of her marriage, she responded without missing a beat. Apparently, it was just that: a coincidence. Faith said, “It’s actually good timing now […] but the single was gon’ come out regardless.”

Later, she is asked who came up with the idea for her to record a duet and film a music video with Stevie, to which she responded:

“I was gonna work on a duet project next anyway […] It was a great record so I knew that was gonna be on my duet album. But now, I think the duet album turned from me with multiple artists to me with my new husband.”

When it came to addressing the claims that her marriage was part of a publicity stunt, Faith claimed that “people are always gonna have something to say.”