Kim Kardashian’s brand is sustained by her efforts on social media. There is not one day when her fans are left without any virtual content. The public figure often finds ways to keep things fresh, switching things up from the usual selfie. Today, she came through with a photo of herself and her best friend.

The picture frames both women from the back as they pick their wedgies while walking down the beach. Somehow, they manage to make the situation look good in their metallic swimwear. Kim sports a bikini while her friend rocks a one piece. What they have in common is both of their hands tugging at the fashion. 

Kardashian posted the pic with a caption that illustrates her intentions behind the unusual content. According to the cosmetics diva, no one can claim to have a “best friendship” without ever having picked wedgies from their butts with their homies.

“Best friends that pick wedgies together stay besties for life! ✨🤑✨”

Last time Kim stunned us with a look, she was serving as vivacious arm candy for her husband Kanye West. Both of them wore show-stopping outfits. A tight neon green latex dress for her and suit paired with some undersized Yeezy slides for him.