Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian came through 2 Chainz wedding with killer outfits. Kim looked banging in a neon green latex getup which matched her husbands faded green Versace suit. Although their clothes looked amazing, Kanye’s footgear situation stole the show.

The rapper was walking around this decked out event in his very own pair of Yeezy slides. The nylon slippers looked somewhat out of place, considering their size. His feet were supported by them only to a bare minimum. Kanye’s feet were sticking out of those $150 bad boys.


Perhaps this is the artist’s version of living on the edge. Maybe the fashion choice was taken as an effort to avoid being “too grounded” by having his body positioned in a way that would encourage his “free thought.” Who knows? Either way, Kanye West is probably the only person who could pull off this type of look. Having Kim Kardashian as arm candy most likely helped too.

Kanye was venturing around the scene without her when he was snapped in a photo with Lil Wayne. The duo, which was dubbed as “Lil Ye” in 2 Chainz’ Instagram caption, served rare kinds of smiles in the blurry picture. We’re stoked to see where those smiles lead the brothers in their future endeavors.