Kanye West is a self-proclaimed genius and many people would agree with his sentiments of grandeur. The Hip Hop artist is turning into a fashion mogul, thanks to his Yeezy brand. The last time he was spotted wearing some of his own gear, people were questioning his choice. The Yeezy slides he wore to 2 Chainz wedding seemed to be at least two sizes too small. West redeems himself today through one of his wife’s daily photo ops.

Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself and the entrepreneur chilling on the beach. Her caption is revealing about Kanye’s character:

“On vacay he just likes to sleep but I got him out for 5 mins for a pic”


Considering the rarity of Kanye’s appearances on her Instagram account, in addition to her caption, it seems as though Kardashian wanted their following to see that Kanye actually knows his shoe-size. Social media users went nuts when they saw photos of the couple at 2 Chainz luxurious event.

Regardless, the couple is focused on the future of their family. They are said to be planning to add another cutie to their unit. Now that Yeezy has new gear, his undersized slides might be kept for one of the kids. lol.