Tekashi 6ix9ine Hospitalized After Being Kidnapped And Pistol-Whipped: Report

6ix9ine got bodied for almost $1 million.

BYBrynjar Chapman
Tekashi 6ix9ine Hospitalized After Being Kidnapped And Pistol-Whipped: Report

What TMZ reports as "sources close to Tekashi" are claiming that Tekashi 6ix9ine was kidnapped, robbed, assaulted and has ended up in the hospital. 

Apparently, after the controversial NY rapper left a video shoot (at 4am) and drove home, he found his driveway blocked and a greeting party of three "hooded gunmen" who knocked him unconscious and dumped him in the back seat of their car.

While driving around in the car, Tekashi is reported to have woken up to death threats from his kidnappers, who said that either he would give them his jewellery or they'd kill him. They pulled back up at his house, left 6ix9ine in the car–guarded by on of the three–and went into the house where they stole, according to TMZ, "around $750k in jewelry and between $15k and $20k in cash." Apparently Tekashi's kid and baby-mama were in the house at the time but were not hurt.

As the three assailants/thieves/kidnappers drove away, Tekashi is said to have jumped out of the moving car and made his escape, eventually finding a stranger driving by, hopping in the passenger seat of their car and pleading with them to call 911, which they did, whereupon they asked Tekashi to get out of the car. He was picked up by an ambulance and brought to the hospital, where he remains. 

The kidnapping comes after uncountable provocative statements from 6ix9nine who was, to say the least, pissed off other rappers. Whether the three hooded perps were acting in response to something 6ix9ine said, or simply for the money, remains to be seen. 

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