The Savemoney crew of old has been everywhere in the last couple days. Chance the Rapper released four new songs two days ago and a freestyle from his boy from back in the day, Vic Mensa, was just released by Real 92.3 LA. The video is three and a half minutes of bars over Pharell's "Neon Guts" beat and Vic riffs off the title to deliver dozens of on-the-spot "neon" lines and more fashion references than I could count ("Watanabe different shades of blue;" "Comme des Garcons off of ebay;" "I'm not CIA but I'll wear Undercover").

The freestyle also accompanied an interview with the hosts, Bootleg Kev and DJ HED, where Mensa touched on rappers as different as 6ix9ine and Pusha T. On the subject of Tekashi, Vic Mensa called the New York rapper's posturing in Chicago "goofy," saying "everything you say and do can have a consequence." He also accused Tekashi of not only biting the style of Chicago rappers, but taking lines outright: "He's got exact bars, like ten of em' that he's said verbatim, from Chicago rappers." 

He also laid out his future projects, songs from which will begin to be released "in the next week or so." At the end of the interview Mensa refuted claims that he is an "asshole," saying that "I'm actually, like, a really kind, loyal person and an honest person. And the honesty one-hundred percent will make people think you're an asshole."