Brooklyn rapper Chika is making the waves on Social Media for her vicious takedown. The clip which has now garnered over 5 Million views is suggestively titled “A letter to Kanye Omari West. Over his own beat.” Her polemic starts and ends on Kanye’s breakout hit “Jesus Walks.” The densely packed minute-long freestyle covers the usual speaking points mounted against ‘Ye. The freestyle has even received props from Jamie Foxx and Ice-T (see below).

Chika contends that Kanye her are cut from the same cloth, but something got fudged along the way. She accuses Kanye of undoing all the great progress that’s been made in the civil rights movement by leaders of “their community.” The 21-year old rapper was buzzing last week when she dropped a freestyle response to J. Cole’s 1985. The video, which has collected 1.48 million views, urges to rappers to cover relevant social issues. She raps “these n—– take their voice for granted,” knowing full well that the liberal-minded fans only have an appetite for politically accepted works, or at best a rapper like Kendrick who suffuses both interests. 

Corporate interests aside, we live in a day in age where anything can become chic if properly marketed. Tell me if you spot the logical fallacy?