Chika Bashes Trump With New Politically Charged “Richey v. Alabama” Rap For Women’s Rights


Chika Bashes Trump With New Politically Charged “Richey v. Alabama” Rap For Women’s Rights

If you don't already know who budding Brooklyn rapper, Chika is, you're about to. The 22 year-old viral sensation made headlines last year when she posted a freestyle on twitter, ripping into Kanye over his own beat from breakout hit "Jesus Walk", and got reposted by the likes of Jamie Foxx and Ice-T. Her freestyle "Someone Hit Cardi", which was rapped over Cardi B's "Money," was also reposted by the legend that is Missy Elliot, back in October, with a caption which expressed her appreciation for the flows: "Wheeeeeeeew🔥🔥🔥"

The young lyricist seems to have already made a name for herself as a rapper with a cause, opting for lyric-heavy flows in which she touches upon political, human rights, gender equality, and race issues, and her latest performance for Jimmy Kimmel Live proves just that.

Following the distressing news of the anti-abortion bill (that is the strictest abortion legislation in the nation) being signed by the state's Republican governor, the Alabama-native took to the stage to address women's rights. The MC broke right into the rapid-fire first verse over a slow g-funk beat. "I gotta be honest, I never expected to do this/ No anticipation addressing the nation, I promise it's more than just music," she rhymed. "They building a world of they own that they cannot call home I can barely peruse it," she continued, adding "Ms. Ivey can rot," - in reference to state's female Gov. Kay Ivey, who signed the bill, which Chika dubbed "unconstitutional."

The performance ends with an equally powerful spoken word recounting the time she tucked a drawing she made of former President Obama when she was 12 into her book bag, eager to show her mom. You can watch the powerful full performance below; and if it doesn't convert you into a Chika fan ... I have some questions for you.

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