Yelawolf is just the right amount of redneck to pen a song about a modern American folk hero that lived most of his life in the Appalachian mountains. In all fairness, the uncontainable spirit that is Yelawolf does venture off-topic more than once. But like anything else in the creative mould, inspiration doesn’t beget the total undertaking of a subject. 

So in the spirit of Jesco-unhinged, Yelawolf delivers a frenzied sermon that’ll have you cross-checking your Wiki thumbnail every 3 seconds, but please reserve that for your third or fourth listen. Catfish Billy switches between a myriad of equally transfixing paces. The existence of Yelawolf’s “Jesco White” tribute is reason enough to get both knuckles tatted with gilded letters. 

On the very last measure of the freestyle, Yela shouts out Trunk Muzik 3. For those who don’t know, TM 3 will likely be his last under the Shady Records banner, unless of course, he re-ups for another two or three projects, however unlikely. But before TM 3 would ever hit pay dirt, Yela rounded out a solid 2018 with an eponymously-titled tour foreshadowing things to come, and a possible turn to the Indies.

Quotable Lyrics:

See I gave a fuck once
Lit up like a yellow light
Like a young Jesco White
On a mellow yellow high.