Zaytoven claims the underlying message of his half dozen Tweets were misinterpreted, postings intended as a submission guide to potential signees. The original post which has since been deleted went onto describe the prerequisites to sign with his imprint, Zay’s asking price: 100k followers and at least 1 million views. The subsequent Tweets have been reconstituted as comments on the music industry and his theory on social media exploitation. The views presented here are those of a 20-year rap veteran.

Zaytoven says that talent can only take you so far, but STAR QUALITY & numbers really get the conversation going.

All interested applicants needn’t worry. Just your best songs along with the “numbers” they’ve garnered.

Zay then elaborated upon his appeal to “numbers,” stating YouTube, Instagram and Spotify all count against the cap.

No DEAR JOHN letters will be opened with a butter knife. The discard pile is once again in play for those who fall outside the bounds.

In closing, Zaytoven retracted his initial Tweet, blaming his intern for lost translation. Zaytoven is never-the-less looking to pry open the door to undiscovered talent, well semi-discovered to be precise. He isn’t about to build a home on wobbly foundation.

The show must go on.